Urban planning department

Is represented by four architectural studios.

The department specialists have working experience of operations and planning in various climates and with variety of soils. The organization of our production process is contributing to the high quality of our planning works.

The project work starts with the development of a concept of territorial development viewed as a totality of national, socio-economic and environmental aspects, and considering the set infrastructure of the adjacent territories.

Every project has a team of various specialists and professionals, which allows us to implement fully the integrated approach in the solution of the tasks set before us. The priority tasks of the architectural studios are the further growth of the planning quality and further improvement of internal standards of presenting urban planning documentation along with continuous growth of the volume of works accomplished. The Institute especially considers the optimization of technological processes of planning targeting the cutting down non-productive work time.



Public hearings on the project of the General layout of Nahodkinsky city district will take place n April, 24th. The project...


The project «Modification of the General layout with the project of a lay-out of a first stage of building a Meleuz city,...

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